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Actinia, based on research from Prof. Mercouri Kanatzidis’ laboratory, is focused on commercializing novel semiconductor materials to solve major problems facing industries ranging from medical imaging to nuclear energy to security screening. Actinia has developed novel semiconductor materials that can more than double the energy resolution of typical scintillator materials without the substantial cost increases typically associated with semiconductor detectors.


You are a chemist, materials scientist, or chemical engineer with a strong interest in improving the properties of novel semiconductor materials so that they can be used to solve major problems facing industries ranging from medical imaging to homeland security to nuclear energy. You want to work with a dynamic team where creativity, passion, learning, and experimentation are core values in the development of innovative new products. You have an acute interest in the development of new products based on hard IP and you want a leadership role in the growth of a startup tackling the difficult early stages of technology transfer from a world-class research University.

You have a strong academic background that includes a master’s or doctoral degree, and ideally, you have several years of experience in large-scale bulk crystal growth, characterization of high-energy radiation detector materials, and optical spectroscopy. You will be working with a group of chemists, materials scientists, physicists, and engineers, and you do not shy away from multidisciplinary problems. You are comfortable reporting directly to the Founders and CEO of a new company, and you thrive in environments where independent excellence is expected. You expect, and perhaps even demand, to “grow with the organization” as the startup becomes more established.



Note: Actinia is not looking for experts in thin-film deposition or growth of organic crystals

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posted June 29, 2021