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Biomarkers and Biomedical Research Tools

Click on each technology for a short description and access to the complete details in our online platform, Flintbox.

Technology Pipeline


Technology Tags Primary Inventor
Biomarkers for Glioma Treatment Response 2014-031 biomedicalhealthcare: diagnostic tooltherapeutics: biomarker Curt M Horvath
Imaging for Steroid 2008-067 healthcare: MRIhealthcare: imaging  
Method for Screening P. Aeruginosa Strains 2008-083 diagnostics: detectiondiagnostics: markertherapeutics: infectious disease Allan R. Hauser
Genetic Marker for ALS 2013-046 CNS: ALSdiagnostics: markertherapeutics: biomarker Teepu Siddique
Biomarkers for PTSD and Depression 2010-062, 2013-167, 2013-168 diagnostics: markerhealthcare: diagnostic toolpsychiatry: depression Eva Redei
Biomarker for Female Egg Quality 2003-095  diagnostics: detectionhealthcare: diagnostic toolOB
Marker for Chronic Pelvic Pain I 2004-026 therapeutics: biomarker
Biomarker for Colitis 2011-025 diagnostics: detectiongastroenterologyhealthcare: diagnostic tool Alan Buchman
Biomarkers for Prostate Disease 2006-118
cancer: prostatetherapeutics: biomarker Norm D. Smith
Biomarker for Early Stage Cancers 2002-079 diagnostic: cancerdiagnostics: detectionhealthcare: diagnostic tool
UTI Management 1996-066 healthcare: diagnostic toolhealthcare: software Anthony J. Schaeffer
Cardiac Stress Test with MRI 2011-024 healthcare: diagnostic toolhealthcare: MRI Timothy J. Carroll

Nucleic Acids

Nucleic Acids
Technology Tags Primary Inventor
RNA-directed DNA Cleavage & Gene Editing 2013-081 genomics: DNA, genomics: RNA, research tool: DNA/RNA synthesis Eric Sontheimer
Nuclear Lamins Expression Vector 1997-011 research tool: gene Robert Goldman
Clock gene cDNA 1997-008, 1997-050, 1998-033 research tool: gene
pAN1: ElectroTfm of Clostridium 2000-090 research tool: reagent Eleftherios Papoutsakis
pHT plasmids 2000-091 research tool: reagent Eleftherios Papoutsakis
hsp70.1pr-luc Plasmid 2009-004 research tool: gene Richard I. Morimoto


All antibodies raised in mice unless otherwise specified.

Technology Tags Primary Inventor
Anti-macrophage monoclonal antibodies (CD31, CD87, CD15) 1992-001 research tool: antibody Alisa E. Koch
CD 13 antibody 1989-008 research tool: antibody Alisa E. Koch
HSP-70 antibodies 1991-001 research tool: antibody Richard Morimoto
Vascular endothelial cell Ag 1991-038 research tool: antibody, research tool: reagent Alisa Koch
Influenza M2 protein 1969-033 research tool: reagent Robert Lamb
mtHSP-70, BiP/grp 78 1995-082 research tool: antibody Susan Pierce
Importin beta1 antibody 1996-011 research tool: antibody Stephen Adam
PGSL-1 antibody 1997-026 research tool: antibody
HSF1 and HSF2 antibodies (rat) 1996-097 research tool: antibody
Tau Isoforms 2000-081 research tool: antibody, diagnostic toolshealthcareneurology Lester Binder
Tau N Terminus 2005-105 research tool: antibody, diagnostic toolshealthcareneurology Lester Binder
Tau Tyr18 nitrosylated 2007-006 research tool: antibody, diagnostic toolshealthcareneurology Lester Binder
hu Tau C-term 2003-065 research tool: antibody Lester Binder
TNT1: Tau PAD region 2012-050 research tool: antibody Lester Binder
Tau truncated at 421 2003-065 research tool: antibody, diagnostic tools, healthcare, neurology Jonathan Jones
alpha 3 laminin 2001-015 research tool: antibody Jonathan Jones

Cell Lines

All cell lines are mammalian unless otherwise specified.

Cell Lines
Technology Tags Primary Inventor
Stem Cell Therapy to Generate Cholinergic Neurons 2009-173 CNS: Alzheimer's Diseaseresearch tool John Kessler
Retinal Muller Cell line 1998-055 research tool: cell line, optalmology Vijay P. Sarthy
MM.1 Myeloma cell lines 2008-100 research tool: cell line Steven Rosen
E. coli from human prostate 2010-012 research tool Anthony Schaeffer

Animal Models

All animal models are transgenic unless otherwise specified.

Animal Models
Technology Tags Primary Inventor
Knockout Mouse Model Of Cognitive Deficits 2007-037 research tool: animal model Peter Penzes
SOD Tg mice 1994-011 CNS: ALSresearch tool: animal model Teepu Siddique
Mt Clock Tg mice 1994-026, 1998-054 research tool: animal model
Per2 Luciferase Tg mice 2008-105 research tool: animal model Joseph S. Takahashi
BMP4 Tg mice: FOP 2007-076 research tool: animal model John A. Kessler
Clock Tg mice: diabetes 2010-071 research toolanimal models, stem cells
Novel Tools for Studying Corticospinal and Spinal Motor Neurons in vivo 2012-053 research tool: cell lineresearch tool: animal modelresearch tool: reagent Pembe Hande Ozlinder
MLCK 210 KO mice 2002-026 research toolanimal models


Technology Tags Primary Inventor
Reverse Transfection Technique 2003-090 therapeutics: gene therapyresearch tool: reagent Lonnie D. Shea
Enhancing Gene Silencing by RNAi 2005-063, 2005-064, 2006-182 research tool: gene, research tool: method, therapeutics: RNA, therapeutics: gene therapy Richard Carthew
3D Transfected Cell Arrays 2005-127, 2005-130, 2009-101, 2009-104 healthcare: diagnostic tool, research tool: method, therapeutics: drug discovery Lonnie D. Shea
Fluorescent Sensors for Zinc 2012-160 sensor: biosensorresearch tool: reagent Theresa Woodruff
Cell-Free Yeast Protein Synthesis 2012-185,  2014-023, 2014-131, 2014-185 research tool: equipment, research tool: methodtherapeutics: drug discovery Michael Jewett
Method for Making Ribosomes 2013-067 research tool: method Michael Jewett
Exosome Targeting 2013-160 biomedicalresearch tool: genetherapeutics: drug deliverytherapeutics: gene therapy Joshua N. Leonard
Ex Vivo Female Reproductive System 2014-004, 2013-009 biomedicalmedical device: simulationresearch tool: equipmenttherapeutics: drug discoverytherapeutics: fertility Theresa Woodruff
Non-toxic cell staining probe 2014-010 biomedicalmaterialsresearch tool: reagent Ming Zhao
Making Tethered Ribosomes 2014-072 biomedicalresearch tool: methodresearch tool: reagent Michael Jewett
Scalable Cell Sorting via Motility 2005-006 diagnostics: detectionhealthcare: Diagnostic Toolresearch tool: methodresearch tool: reagent Anjen Chenn
Detergent-free membrane solubilization 2009-069 research tool: reagent Adrian Gross
Scaffolds for Artificial Ovary 2014-044 biomedicalmanufacture/processesmaterials: manufacturingmaterials: biomedicaltherapeutic: fertility Teresa Woodruff
Raman Spectroscopy for Anthrax Detection 2006-092, 2004-102 research tool: portable devicesensor: biosensor, diagnostics: detection, healthcare: diagnostic Richard Van Duyne
Raman Biosensor for Multianalyte Detection 2002-073 sensor: biosensor, diagnostics: detection, healthcare: diagnostic tool Richard Van Duyne