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Why Disclose?

The top reasons to disclose your invention to INVO include:

1. To protect your invention's commercial potential

While disclosing to INVO doesn't guarantee the protection of your invention, it can lead to protection if we file. INVO can also provide feedback on the commercialization process and make connections with investor and industry contacts for further input. With this information, our Invention Managers can best structure patent applications.

2. To protect your intellectual property

If IP protection is appropriate, INVO can file US patent applications on your behalf. We also coordinate filings in accordance with international law and seek international protection if needed; this is only possible if an invention is disclosed to us before publicly disclosing.

3. To report to research sponsors

Northwestern is legally required to report commercial activity that results from public and private research grants. This notification is typically part of a funding agreement, and by fulfilling this responsibility, Northwestern can continue to receive research sponsorship.

4. To better market your invention

By disclosing an invention, INVO will be able to properly record it and discuss it with potential investors.