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Aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in commercializing technologies can use the INVO site to learn about available Northwestern and non-Northwestern resources. 

For a high-level roadmap to the process of starting a technology company see our Startup Guide.

Mentorship and training

INVO can connect you with a mentor (or a group of mentors) that will be able to offer qualified advice and help open the necessary doors. See a list of Northwestern resources and area networks that offer guidance.

Our training for entrepreneurs also includes commercialization clinics and seminars on a variety of topics. Learn more about these events.

Lab and co-working space and Facilities

A variety of spaces are open to members of the Northwestern community, including INVOHub, The GarageNorthwestern at 1871, and Segal Prototyping and Fabrication Lab, among others.

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Financial and legal assistance

In addition to funding from government grants and business plan competitions, Northwestern offers several funds to entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of commercialization: 

  • N.XT fund, designed to promote early stage technologies to the next stages of commercialization
  • NUseeds fund, designed to support and accelerate business development for early stage start-ups. For more information, visit the NUseeds website

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Agreement templates and forms

INVO executes agreements that range from CDAs to license agreements. Access the templates and forms we use: