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Non-Provisional Application

The non-provisional patent application is the formal filing of the invention with the USPTO.

Successful inventions are those that:

Parts of a non-provisional patent application

Details are captured in the following format:

The claims, which define the boundaries of patent protection, are the application's most important component. Attorneys will break the invention into one or more claims; breaking the invention into individual elements allows them to protect part of an invention if the technology as a whole cannot be patented. 

Inventor's role in the application

Inventor involvement in the patent process varies according to the technology and the inventors involved. However, many inventors are commonly involved in the following ways:

After filing the application

After the application is filed, the 20-year patent life begins. A USPTO examiner is assigned to the application. He or she will communicate with INVO through an "office actions" that might reject or allow your claims. Learn more about these actions.