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Policies and Forms

Access policies and forms related to disclosing, patenting and commercializing inventions, including royalty distribution, intellectual property and conflict of interest.

Patent and Invention Policy

Covered by this policy: Any invention or discovery made within an individual's normal field of employment/activity at the University, or using University resources.

Copyright Policy

Covered by this policy:  Members of the University's academic community who create works at the University resulting from their research, teaching, artistic creativity or writing. 

Student Invention Policy

Covered by this policy: All students (including graduate, undergraduate, full-time and part-time). 

Royalty Distribution Policy

Covered by this policy: If there is more than one Northwestern inventor, this policy covers those inventors, as well as their departments, schools and centers

University Technology Licensing and Equity Interest Policy

Covered by this policy: Ccircumstances and processes for receiving and managing Equity investments in Commercial Ventures, and determining how and when to sell and distribute any resulting proceeds to best protect and promote Northwestern University’s educational and research missions.

Conflict of Interest Policies

The following policies and guidance are available on Northwestern's Conflict of Interest Office website:

Disclosure forms

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Petitions to release intellectual property

Agreement templates & forms