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INVO Introduces Online Inventor Portal

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EVANSTON - INVO is pleased to announce that starting on Monday, June 1, 2020, a new Inventor Portal will be available to complete and submit Northwestern Disclosure Forms entirely online.

The INVO team that helped customize and test the new portal represents those familiar with the entire INVO process from invention management to docketing and compliance.   Collectively, they have designed the new online forms to offer key enhancements and intuitive features to help Northwestern faculty and staff in the general process of disclosing new inventions, copyright, software, and research tools to the university.  They include: 

  • Secured login via Northwestern NetID
  • Digital signatures
  • Easy accessibility by multiple collaborators to edit disclosure information
  • Ability for remarks to be added simultaneously by any collaborator
  • Capability to search grants and respective contributors for better accuracy and reporting through built-in interconnectivity with myHR database and the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) database
    • Immediate and accurate retrieval of employee information and appointed department via employee ID, email address, or name
    • Easier identification of existing grants and automated retrieval of investigators related to existing grants

The new Inventor Portal will be accessible via our “Policies and Forms” webpage and will ultimately replace our Word document forms.  Frequently Asked Questions regarding the use of the Inventor Portal may be found here.

For feedback, questions or concerns regarding the new Inventor Portal, contact INVO at