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Patent Management

Your interaction with INVO doesn't end when you disclose your invention. Use these webpages to learn the basics of the patenting process and future steps for you and your invention.

  1. The provisional application: This is not reviewed by the USPTO but this sets the priority date for your invention. It expires if a non-provisional application is not filed within one year.
  2. The non-provisional patent application: This is the formal filing of an invention with the USPTO and is reviewed by a USPTO reviewer. It is the basis for an issued patent if its invention claims are allowed.
  3. Importance of Signature: Critical to this process is gathering original signatures on important documents, without which INVO cannot secure your discoveries. Protect your intellectual property by signing and returning your documents.
  4. Patent office actions: The USPTO's office action, or response to a non-provisional application, may take between 18 months and several years. The timing of these is set by the USPTO, not INVO. Office actions may involve either rejections or allowances of your invention claims.

Patenting Your Invention video

 You can also watch our video that describes the patenting process.