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SiNode Systems Awarded $1M SBIR Grant

SiNode, a minority-owned start-up from Evanston, Illinois will receive $1 million to develop batteries that are double the energy density of standard batteries—and aim to lower costs while improving efficiency of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). SiNode’s novel silicongraphene composite anodes use highly developed affordable components that are compatible with current battery manufacturing processes.

In addition to PHEVs, the technology can be used in both military and consumer applications. Since receiving SBIR Phase I funding in early 2013, SiNode won the Energy Department’s 2013 National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition; closed on two joint development agreements (one with a customer, another with a manufacturing partner); completed more than $1 million in private financing from angel and venture capital investors; and tripled its staff.

Read the full announcement from the Department of Energy.