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NanoGraf Corporation, based on collaborative research between the labs of Profs. Harold Kung and Jiaxing Huang, is advancing lithium-ion battery anode technology to transform a wide range of industries from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. SiNode’s anode technology utilizes a composite of silicon nano-particles within a patent-pending graphene scaffolding system that increases a battery's energy density (5-7 times) and reduces the charging time of a lithium-ion battery (up to a factor of 10).

An entry-level R&D engineer interested in working at the intersection between R&D and technology commercialization in a start-up environment. The role will focus on development of Li-ion battery prototypes for various customer segments using Nanograf technologies. Work flow will consist of a mixture of laboratory research, data analysis, failure analysis, and reporting. 

Please apply directly through the website ( 



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posted May 25, 2021